Entertainment Management & Branding Specialists

For more than 25 years, Faith Quesenberry has been working in the entertainment industry in the US and abroad including radio, major and indie record labels, handling the estate of a music icon, helming a music non-profit, COO for European Multimedia Group, building her own successful artist management firm and joining that company with Vector Management.  

In 2014 Faith established the boutique agency Honor Music & Entertainment to provide personalized service to a few select clients.  HME does not believe in a cookie-cutter approach to career building.  Each artist or project is unique and deserves a unique management, marketing and branding approach.  

Our focus is to keep the business small and personal...your art should never get lost in a sea of clients or passed on to a novice.  Honor's clients are considered first and foremost because their talent is exceptional and respected and their work ethic is fierce...we join forces because our personalities are a great match.  We actually love our clients!